Improving Portfolio Effectiveness

There’s a malady that’s common in many web design portfolios. They are filled with images of the finished design artifacts, but they don’t elaborate on whether or not they actually solved their client’s problem.

In many cases, they don’t even address the reasons why each client was prompted to seek out professional web design in the first place.

Because this practice is so prevalent, designers and prospective clients alike are unaware this is a concern. But I believe it is a symptom of greater issues in the design sales process.

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The Importance of Margin

When we talk about margin in our business, we instantly think of profitability. But there are several kinds of margin — and several of them are enabled by being profitable.

As long as a business is sufficiently profitable, it can remain viable. To be a little profitable is not enough to ensure long-term survival, for a number of reasons.

There are factors that are in your control, and some that are not.

Longevity is based on anticipating the factors that are out of your control, and planning for them. The ongoing fortunes of your business also depend on maximizing the things you can control, and being aware of what actions you need to take.

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