Leveling Up Your Business Website

Every business goes through a growth curve when they begin.

Some businesses succeed, and end up having longevity. Some of these reach a sweet spot where sales are about the same, year to year. Others continue to grow and expand, year after year.

What is the difference between the business that hits a plateau, and the one that continues to grow?

What factors can help a business level up? What things can hinder growth?

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Give More To Win More

This idea is so good, I wish it were mine.

But I’m happy that it’s out there.

This simple idea plays to our human desire to win — at business and at life.

It’s difficult to succeed at any endeavor without allies. You need people behind you who want to see you win.

How do you motivate people who with you and for you to over-deliver? How do you gain allies in a hyper-competitive landscape?

The answer is simple.

You have to give more in order to win more.

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Connecting With Clients

Web projects are most successful when there is clear and open communication between consultant and client.

When there is trust between two parties, communication is more honest. So, before I even agree to take a project, this ability to communicate — this connection — is something I’m looking for.

Here’s some of the things I’m asking myself when evaluating a prospective client:

Will I get along with you? Is your project a good fit for my expertise? Is there someone better suited for this project? Can I deliver multiple times the value you are investing?

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